Nano Electronics in Beyond Moore’s Law Era

Dr. Meyya Meyyappan

Chief Scientist - Exploration Technology
NASA Ames Research Center

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Photonic Integrated Circuit: Super Speed to Sensing

Dr. Shankar Kumar Selvaraja

Assistant Professor, CeNSE, IISc

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Magnetic Nano-Swimmers for Biological Applications

Dr. Ambarish Ghosh

Associate Professor, CeNSE, IISc

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Tunable Steep Slope MoS2 Transistor

Dr. Navakanta Bhat

Chairperson, CeNSE, IISc

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Hot Nano-Photonics: From hot carriers to hot thermal emitters

Dr. Gururaj Naik

Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Rice University

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Nonlinear Optical Microscopy: Basics and Applications

Dr. Varun Raghunathan

Assistant Professor, ECE, IISc

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Recent Advances in Nano-Mechanical Biosensors

Prof. Thomas Thundat

Professor of Empire Innovation, SUNY, Buffalo

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New Functional Nano-Materials for Nanotechnology, Bio-Medicine and Energy

Dr. Victor Koledov

Kotelnikov IRE RAS

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Mechanical bottom-up nano-assembling and nano-manipulation using shape memory alloy nano-gripper

Dr. Svetlana von Gratowski

Kotelnikov IRE RAS

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Advanced MEMS Sensors for Aerospace Applications

Dr. M. M. Nayak

Former Director, LVPO, ISRO

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Soft Magnetic Thin Film Applications based on Nanotechnology

Dr. Masahiro Yamaguchi

Department of Electrical Engineering, Tohuku University

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